Online shopping – PwC’s Total Retail Survey 2015

Fifteen years ago, in the heyday of the e-business boom, Internet promised to change industries and business models very quickly, first of all in the retail sector. When these promised changes did not realise that quick, it resulted in the burst of the dot-com bubble.

However, even if change took longer than expected, now it is already part of our lives and not only in the developed countries, but all around the world. New online business models have a disruptive effect on long established businesses, as the fate of firms, such as Blockbuster, Borders and quite recently, RadioShack shows.

PwC prepared a Global Survey of online shopping behaviour, analysing the disruptive effects of mobile and online shopping on traditional retail shopping. 15,000 customers around the globe were asked of their opinion about online buying behaviours, effects of social media on purchases, use of mobile payment and virtual currencies.

If you are interested, the report can be accessed here, where you can also find further information related to the survey.

There is also an interactive map with country results and a few interviews with retail executives around the globe. You may want to look around and watch some of the videos.

About Andras Salanki

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Andras Salanki is an international VAT advisor with 7 years of relevant professional experience. He spent one year on secondment in California, US, where he advised US multinationals on global VAT projects and also gained experience with IT and Internet companies based in the Silicon Valley.