Featured: 10 myths of multichannel retailing

This is the sixth consecutive year that PwC has published a study of online shoppers, and our second truly global survey.

Below are some highlights from this year’s report.

  • 59% of respondents follow brands or retailers on social media, compared to 49% last year
  • When it comes to their favorite brands and retailers, 38% of our respondents are following them on social media; up from 33% last year
  • 27% of respondents discovered brands through social media, compared to 17% last year
  • Fully 49% of our survey sample said they use social media every day, an increase of 14% over last year
  • In China (56%) and the U.S. (52%), more than half of shoppers are sometimes bypassing retailers and going directly to brands sites
  • Just 17% of the original pool of internet users we contacted said they shop online less than once per year; in other words, the vast majority of internet users have expanded their online activities to shopping
  • A vast majority of online shoppers — even the prolific ones — narrow their preferred online retail destinations to five or less

This and much more can be found in the PwC’s annual global survey of online shoppers which is available as a free download here.