Featured: EU 2015 B2C VAT changes – it’s sooner than you think!

On 1 January 2015 the final phase of the so-called VAT package will come into force and will involve important changes in the VAT treatment of intra-EU business-to-consumer (‘B2C’) supplies in relation to telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services.

From that moment on, all telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services provided to non-taxable persons will be taxable at the place where the customer is established, has his permanent address or usually resides. Affected businesses will therefore be required to charge, report and pay local VAT in every Member State in which they have customers, which may result in multiple VAT-registrations throughout the EU.

In order to be “B2C-2015-proof” in time it is essential to act as soon as possible. In our flyer we describe the most important points of attention that will assist you in determining if you are ready for 2015.


If you have any questions about the above please do not hesitate to contact your PwC indirect tax adviser or one of the contact persons mentioned in the flyer.

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