EU: Practical guidelines for businesses on new VAT rules for telecommunications, broadcasting and eservices

The EU Commission has published practical guidelines on the mini-one-stop-shop to prepare businesses for the new B2C VAT rules for telecoms, broadcasting and eservices, which will enter into force with 1 January 2015.

The aim is to help businesses to be fully prepared on time for the change-over, whereby VAT will be charged in the country where the customer is based.VAT will have to be collected by all providers of telecom, broadcasting and eservices, regardless whether they are established inside or outside of the EU.

The published guidelines focus on the information that will be requested by the EU countries from the providers to register and account for VAT, the formats in which it will be requested, the submission deadlines, and practical details on the payments.

This information is intended to help businesses to properly prepare their processes and configure their IT tools to collect the information that they will have to submit from February 2015 onward.

Some more information and useful links can be found in the Commission’s press release.