PwC’s B2C 2015 Working Group – Next meeting on 29 April 2015 – Brussels

On 1 January 2015, the new EU 2015 VAT rules came into effect changing the place of taxation in respect of all supplies of telecommunications, broadcasting and e-services to consumers in the EU, from the (single) place where the supplier is located to the (multiple) places where the customers belong.

As a business (EU or non-EU) making cross-border supplies of telecommunication, broadcasting and e-services to consumers in (other) EU member states, you could register for the Mini One Stop Shop by February 10th 2015.

If so, you will have submitted in the meantime your first VAT MOSS return with all the EU VAT collected on your Q1 2015 digital supplies.

If you decided not to register for VAT MOSS and have made digital supplies to EU consumers as from January 2015, you had to VAT register in each EU Member State where your customers belong.

Now the reality of the new 2015 EU VAT rules has kicked in, we will start our meeting with an update on the implementation status in the EU Member States and a brief overview of hot topics and critical issues that we encounter in our daily practice.

We have also built in some time for feedback and reflections from those EU Commission and Revenue officials present.

During the business panel, in house VAT managers will share their implementation journey and views on managing VAT in a post 2015 environment.

In the afternoon sessions, we will also engage with you on :

  • post 2015 implementation reviews and audit approach;
  • BEPS and VAT – the 2015 angle of that being the draft VAT/GST guidelines and the increasing number of EU-countries implementing “2015 style” measures;
  •  other policy developments that are relevant for digital businesses.

The meeting will be held in English and is free of charge. Participation to the meeting is by invitation only. The deadline for registration is 24 April 2015.

  • Date: Wednesday, 29 April 2015
  • Time: 9.30 – 16.00 CET
  • Location: PwC Brussels (address)

For more information on the B2C 2015 Working Group activities or if you are interested in joining our next meeting, please contact me directly.

About Sophie Claessens

Senior Tax Manager PricewaterhouseCoopers Tax Consultants Belgium email: Mobile: +32 473 91 05 67 Office: +32 3 259 3169

Sophie Claessens is an international VAT advisor, based in Antwerp, Belgium, with a particular focus on business-to-consumer industries, including telecommunications, media, internet and e-commerce. She supports major industry players on sector-specific issues, including VAT compliance at both an operations and strategic level, and is directly involved in policy work for businesses in these industries, both at the Belgian level and at the level of the European Commission. She is responsible for indirect taxes in the communications sector at PwC Belgium and is a driver of PwC's Business Working Group on the EU 2015 VAT changes. She has authored articles for publication in Belgian and international tax journals.