About this blog

About this blog

This blog was set up to share ideas, impressions, comments and predictions about the current and future developments in the ebusiness (ebiz), ecommerce and general online sector and to discuss some key background facts from a more personal point of view.

We would like to engage you – our current and future clients, industry experts and interested public – to discuss challenges and developments you are facing. It is our way to reach out and demonstrate, that we are also a group of people interested in technology being part of the social and business (r)evolution.

The contents of this blog are for general information purposes only, and should not be used as a substitute for consultation with professional advisors.

email: andras.salanki@ch.pwc.comOffice: +41587924536
Andras Salanki is an international VAT advisor with 6 years of relevant professional experience. He spent one year on secondment in California, US, where he advised US multinationals on global VAT projects and also gained experience with IT and Internet companies based in the Silicon Valley.

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email: sophie.claessens@be.pwc.comMobile: +32 473 91 05 67Office: +32 3 259 3169
Sophie Claessens is an International VAT advisor with 12 years of relevant professional experience.
Over the last years, she is particularly focussed on Business to Consumer industries, including Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment and eCommerce, supporting major industry players in sector-specific issues, both on operational and strategic level.
In this regard, she is responsible for indirect taxes in the Communications sector at PwC Belgium and driver of PwC’s B2C 2015 Working Group.
She is also directly involved in policy work for businesses, both on a Belgian level and at the level of the European Commission.

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email: jennifer.jensen@us.pwc.comMobile: +1 240 678 0226Office: +1 202 414 1741
Jennifer is a state and local tax director in PwC Washington National Tax Services specializing in sales and use and indirect taxes. Her industry focus is in technology, entertainment, media, and communications. Jennifer helps lead the firm’s cloud computing initiative and is the state and local subject matter expert in this area. Jennifer provides both internal firm and external client sales and use tax training in such issues as eCommerce, the taxation of digital products, and, of course, cloud computing. She also summarizes relevant legislation or other tax law changes to disseminate both externally and internally and writes thought leadership pieces for external publication by the firm.

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email: nathan.a.trautwein@us.pwc.comMobile: +1 415 786 3970Office: +1 415 498 6342
Nathan Trautwein is a Director in PwC’s indirect tax practice and specializes in value-added taxes. He has over 12 years of experience in helping US multinationals understand, plan for and manage their global indirect tax needs. On a day to day basis Nathan helps his clients identify the VAT treatment of their off shore sales or purchses, register for VAT overseas if necessary, recover VAT where applicable, implement VAT efficient supply chains and improve internal VAT processes and procedures. Nathan is also responsible for leading the US VAT Practice’s efforts in assisting US based eCommerce businesses identify global indirect tax liabilities related to the sale of digitally supplied services or plan for and set up processes for managing any VAT liabilities on a go forward basis.

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email: zsolt.x.tenczer@ch.pwc.comMobile: +41-79-580-5058Office: +41-58-792-4560
I started my career at the Hungarian Tax Authority. Joined PwC more than a decade ago, where I specialized on VAT or more generally on indirect taxes. After several years spent in the Hungarian practice, I moved to Zurich, where I am working as a manager in the International VAT team.

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email: guus.van.der.mast@nl.pwc.comMobile: +31 6 53 88 51 19Office: +31 88 792 59 98
Guus van der Mast works in the international VAT practice of PwC Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He has extensive knowledge of EU and Dutch VAT law and focuses on Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing.

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email: usman.mohammad@nl.pwc.comMobile: +31 6 53 90 45 38Office: +31 88 792 59 71

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